>> We have joined the Western Metropolitan Area University Association interchangeable agreement.

Our students are able to transfer their credits among the thirty universities and colleges which make up the Western Metropolitan Area University Association.
Moreover, it is also possible to attend the comprehensive lectures which the thirty universities offer. If certain conditions are fulfilled, these students will be recognized with credits at our college. There are various types of faculties, such as medicine, agriculture, engineering, and art. Since there are many subjects that can be chosen, there is an opportunity to develop each student。ヌs individuality and interests.

>> List of Universities / Colleges
Azabu Univeristy
Izumi Junior College
Obirin University
Obirin Junior College
Otsuma Women。ヌs University
Kanagawa Engineering University
Kamakura Womens。ヌ University
Kitazato Univerisity
Kokugakuinn University
Kokushikan University
Sagami Women。ヌ University
Sagami Junior college
Sanno Institute of Management
Shoin University
Shohoku Junior College
Showa Academia Musicae (Showa music Academy)
Showa Academia Musicae Junior College
Joshibi University of Art and Design
Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design
Takachiho University
Tamagawa University
Denenchoufugakuenn University
Denenchoufugakuenn Junior College
Tokyo Polytechnic University
Yokohama College of Art
Tokyo Jogakkan College
Yamano College of Aesthetic
Tokyo University of Agriculture
Tokyo tanaka College
Toyo Eiwa University