>> The curriculum for three years

General education courses
Culture and society
Art and its expression
Living and the law
Living and the economy

Life and science
The environment and its creatures
Science of life
Life and health

Communication skill
Computer Literacy (basic)
Computer Literacy ( application )
English communication (basic )
English communication (application)

General Educational seminar

Basic core courses
Life science and ethics
Animal Health Technician outline
Animal pathology
Animal pharmacology
Animal form functional study
Animal biochemistry
Human animal bond study
Science English

Special subject
Applied Animal Health Care -basic
Internal medicine

Animal Health Enrichment -basic
Internal medicine
Surgery (practical training)

Healthy Management
Companion animal care theory
Companion animal care theory practical training
Companion animal care dietetics

Animal clinical inspection study
Animal clinical inspection study practical training
Radiation and biology

Medical office work
Animal medical apparatus theory
Animal medical apparatus theory exercise
Animal business management

Sanitation of people and animals
Animal public health study

General remarks of domestic dogs
General remarks of domestic cats
General remarks of pet birds
Laboratory animal study
Conservational biology

Animal Protection
Animal cultural history
Animal welfare and the volunteer

Animal therapy
Animal assisted therapy theory
Animal assisted therapy theory practical training
Assistance dog theory

Clinical psychology
Elderly-people mental care
Disabled person mental care
Counselling theory
Pet loss theory

Specialty Seminar