>> The department of the Animal Health Technology : three-year system

Animal health technology study cultivates rich humanism which is a unique indicator of respect for life. It trains students in the basic theory and practice of animal health technology and in the animal nursing job which involves practical applications. Our curriculum is formed in order to learn these specialized subjects.。。Practical training is included in our curriculum from the first year so that students can work immediately as Animal Health Technicians after graduation.

There are many practical training skills to be acquired in order to graduate.
Therefore, attending school for a three year period is necessary. In order to increase the study impact, omnibus lessons in which two or more special teachers take charge of one subject are offered, and classes of small numbers of students are adopted.

>> Qualifications acquired on graduation are as follows.

1. Animal Health Technician (Authorized by AHT Association)
2. Animal Medical Technologist (Authorized by AHT Association)
3. Pet Grooming Specialist (Authorized by AHT Association)
4. Companion Dog Trainer (Authorized by AHT association)
5. Pet dietitian ( Authorized by Japan Pet National Nutritional Science Association )

>> Career and occupational categories after graduation are as follows.

1. Animal industry and the related service industry ?Animal Health Technicians,
Dog Trainers, Pet Groomers, etc.
2. Animal Welfare Associations and laboratories
3. Animal Related Organizations and Research Institutes for senior citizens and physically challenged persons.